Team Slavic: friend, companion, colleague. Evangel

Team Slavic: friend, companion, colleague. Evangel Dominique Latin: belonging to mister.

Blast furnaces Latin: mister, master, owner.

Donat Latin: gift.

Dormidont Greek: chief of lance bearers.

Dorofei Greek: charisma.

Dosifey Greek: Godgiven.

Team Slavic: friend, companion, colleague.

Evangel Greek: brought a good message.

Evgeny Greek: noble, notable.

Evgraf Greek: writing, engaged in the letter.

Evdoky Greek: nice, good.

Evkarpy Greek: fertility.

Evlampy Greek: radiant, shining.

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The following

The following The following subject pictures are offered: first couple Boy Is Lucky for a String the Machine, in It There Are Toys, Boy Looks at the Same Machine, but There Is No String; the second couple The girl is lucky in a toy carriage: a doll, Buratino, Dunno, The girl holds toys in hand: doll, Buratino, Dunno; third couple Grandmother Spokes Knits a Sock, Grandmother Holds a Ball, and She Has No Spokes; fourth couple Boy Rolls the Little Girl on a Sledge, Boy and the Little Girl Stand; fifth couple Girl Hangs Up Doll Linen on a Rope, Attaching Clothespegs, the Basin on a Stool Costs a Row, Girl Stands near a Basin with Linen; sixth couple Three Girls Jump through Jump Ropes, Two Girls Stand, and the Third Tries to Jump without Jump Rope; seventh couple Woman Sews a Needle a Button to a Shirt, Woman Holds a Shirt and a Button; the eighth couple The Girl Will Carry a Portfolio in Hands, Girl Holds Books and Notebooks in Hand fig.

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Kuchamala Arrange competition on accuracy among several children.

It is also possible to establish a basketball hoop over a basket for dirty linen that the child had an incentive to throw the dirty clothes there.

Kuchamala Age: years.

Number of players: That it was easier for child to clean the room, rake up the toys scattered everywhere in one heap in the middle.

Sometimes it is easier to sort one heap, than to collect toys on one.

Scoop for toys Age: years.

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Then. And boobs

Then. And boobs To wash, swaddle all this can learn.


And boobs it is really important.


By the way, not all roddoma of Moscow passed to progressive system of joint stay of the kid with mother.

For example, where Olya, kids as in ageold Soviet period, held separately gave birth.

But it suited Olga only as after the delivery she not that to look after the child, and even could not get out of a bed!

Anybody could also assume that such will occur after quite safe except for a cruel episode of overlaying of seams the Oliny rodorazresheniye.

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Modern ideas

Modern ideas Modern ideas of reading are based on basic researches of P.


Anokhin, L.


Vygotsky, A.


Luriya, L.


Tsvetkova and other scientists considering the highest mental functions as the difficult systems having a multilevel hierarchical structure.

In functional system of reading speech and visual components are closely connected with each other, each of which makes a specific contribution to formation of certain operations of reading.

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